Friday, March 9, 2012

Foremilk, Hindmilk, and Pumping

Have you ever seen a picture of pumped breast milk?  Do you know that it can vary significantly from day to day, even feeding to feeding?  Your body is constantly making the perfect mixture of milk for your baby at that moment.  We found a couple of photos that are worth looking at to understand more about the truth of fore milk and hind milk.

The full article that goes with this photo is a great read about the fat content of one woman's milk over the course of a feeding.  You can read the whole article at the source: The Funny-Shaped Woman.

This is a shot of two tubes of breast milk at the beginning and end of a pumping session.  You can see the visible difference of fat content easily.  But look at the gradual increase in this larger photo.

It is amazing how our bodies change each moment for our babies.  Be sure to read the complete article for more in depth information.

One more photo that shows some significant differences in pumped milk.  All the milk is good, healthy milk for your growing nursling, but there are some amazing differences in color!

source: The Funny-Shaped Woman, The Natural Parent

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Meeting Info

Our next meeting is fast approaching!  We hope to see you at the March 14th meeting.  We will be at Dr Margaret Huggins' office in Idaho Falls.  Our meeting starts at 7 pm with a bit of social time starting at 6.30.  We will be making a big decision about our upcoming meetings, so please be sure to be there and be heard.

We can't wait to see you!


Idaho Falls Leaders